Online Club Induction for Staff and Contractors

Smooth IT understands that hospitality venues need industry support and software to assist them with their staff and contractor induction, training and compliance. We work directly with the club industry to provide a custom Club Online Induction portal to automate their on-boarding and workplace compliance requirements.

The affordable Club PowerHouse software delivers to all connected device formats (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone) and is customised with your logo, style-guides and media (images, videos, audio files), courses, news streams and policies. The Victoria Point Sharks Club Login Portal is displayed below.

Club Induction


The Club PowerHouse Online Induction Software

The PowerHouse Club Online Induction Program includes the following features:

  1. Online Induction Portal for your staff (courses, compliance tests and certificates)
  2. Online Self-Registration for your contractors (courses, compliance tests and certificates)
  3. Option to create your own induction and training courses
  4. Option to license our Club Course Packages
  5. Ability to create your training groups, publish policies and other documents, broadcast news and key links, promote jobs and generate reports

Club Induction – Contractor and Casual Staff Self-Registration

Club Induction Contractors


The Club PowerHouse software features an inbuilt onboarding system for your club to allow staff, contractors and businesses to register automatically on your portal. As part of the self-registration portal you can:

  • Mandate that all businesses providing staff or services to your club must register on your portal
  • All businesses receive a management dashboard where they login to check their progress of their staff
  • Their staff then visit your portal, search for their business and register
  • You collect all contact information and contractor / staff details
  • You can also collect all certificates and licenses from each contractor to ensure you are compliant

Club Induction – Staff and Contractor Training Dashboard

In addition to self-registration, you can import your staff instantly into the platform or we can connect the portal to your payroll or CRM to deliver real time synchronisation of your staff and contractor data. After your staff and contractors have logged into the portal, they will see their own training dashboard. See below:

Club Learner Dashboard


You can create unlimited training groups and staff and contractors to your groups to ensure that they only see the courses, policies and news that is relevant to them and their role in your club.

The Club Training Dashboard delivers a custom set of:

  1. Induction and Staff development courses
  2. Policies and club documents
  3. News, emails and Alerts
  4. Webinars, events and job opportunities

Club Induction – Completed Courses and Certificates

The Learner Training Dashboard delivers completed compliance certificates that you can easily customise for your club’s exact needs.

Club Completed Courses


Club Induction – Personal Training Records

The Club Training Dashboard features a personal Training Record. As your staff or contractors complete their courses (webinars and events), the results of each activity are published automatically to their record. There is also the option for you to mandate that your learners add all their extra training activities to their Training Record so that you have a complete set of training data on each learner.

Club Training Record


Club Induction – Club News and Policies

Communicating with your casual and full time staff and contractors can sometimes be difficult for our club administrators. The Club Induction software features an news alert, broadcast and email system that allows you to send news items to all your training groups or custom news fields to your specific training groups i.e. a safety alert for your contractors.

The news and alerts are displayed in the top right section of the dashboard and the image below shows how you can set up your policies and documents in your own categories. When a staff or contractor downloads a policy, the download is tracked and can be published in a report.

Club Policies


Club Induction – Club Manager Dashboards

To manage your induction and general training, the Club PowerHouse software allows you to add your own managers so that they can track their progress of their team. This means that you can add the Hospitality Manager, Gaming Manager, Bar Manager etc to the specific training groups and they will be able to view all members from their team from their phone, tablet or computer.

Club Manager Dashboard


The Club Manager will be able to access the Manager Dashboard and complete the following tasks:

  • View visual progress reports on all staff or contractors
  • View team based visual reports
  • Assign specific courses to a team member to help them with their club role
  • Add and disable team member access
  • Access all contact details of their team to help manage communication
  • Reset courses
  • Generate a wide range of reports
  • Receive alerts when a team member has a license or certificate expiring

 Your Online Induction and Training Courses

With PowerHouse, your club can convert their existing documents and PowerPoints to online courses that can be assigned to your staff and contractors. When creating your courses, you can add your own tests and pass rates. When the tests are completed, personal reports and certificates are generated. We provide free training to help you build your own courses. Contact us to learn more.

In addition to building your own courses we are pleased to offer you a range of workplace compliance and hospitality courses that you can license and have pre-loaded into your InductNow training portal.

License Our Club Induction and Training Courses

Our Workplace and Safety Courses Include the following Course Titles:

  • General Staff Induction
  • InductPro Working in Confined Spaces Induction
  • InductPro Work Health and Safety Induction
  • InductPro Working at Heights Induction
  • InductPro Manual Handling Induction
  • InductPro Incident Investigation
  • InductPro Fire and Emergency Induction
  • InductPro Driver Safety
  • InductPro Workplace Fatigue – Shift Workers
  • InductPro Workplace Fatigue
  • InductPro Working with Hazardous Chemicals Induction

Fire SafetyManual Handling


Our Club Industry Course Titles include:

  • OHS for room attendants
  • PCI compliance
  • Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • Hospitality Staff Induction
  • Organise and prepare food videos – Fish and shellfish
  • Organise and prepare food videos – Fruit and vegetables
  • Organise and prepare food videos – Meat and Poultry
  • Key financial principles
  • Wine essentials
  • RSA refresher
  • RSG refresher

Club UniformClub Hazards Club UniformClub HazardsClub Barista Training

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