What’s the Plan?

Once you know the outcomes you want, prioritise them and completely them one outcome at a time. Do you want to save time and money with on boarding?  Do you need to control compliance of all staff now and on an ongoing basis? Do you need to track acceptance of new policies and procedures? Do you need to create a knowledge-base of topics for staff to reference (how to setup a bar tab, how to use your in-venue music system)?

Here is a sample plan you might like to adopt

  1. Onboarding – make sure you have all courses that relate to a new starter (spellchecked, format checked, complete with all necessary content). Creation of a course called “handbook” that has a slide for each major concept from the handbook that we want new starters to retain (e.g. roster policy, dress code etc) with a pdf link on the last page of the course and a signoff that they have received.
  2. Document Library – Upload policies, procedures, forms etc that learners need to access
  3. Compliance – All courses that relate to compliance activities (e.g. AML refresher, RSA refresher, Fire Safety, Bullying etc). These are the courses that can be assigned to all staff in a cycle perhaps (e.g. in August all staff do an RSA refresher, Sept: AML, Oct:? etc
  4. Procedure or Role specific Courses – Cashier procedure
  5. Events – Start allowing users to register for face to face training events through the portal. Remember these go onto the learners training record once they attend.
  6. Knowledge Base – Build of courses to refer staff to as needed (How to setup a tab in POS, How to pour a beer etc)

Each step above creates a natural end point in the rollout project so stop, reflect and enjoy each milestone. Each milestone will further engage more staff or engage existing users into more features of the system.

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