Link to a document within a course

Do you have a document that you’d like learners to download as part of their course? There are two way of doing this:

  1. Create a link to a document by highlighting the text you want to link, click the ‘Link’ button, choose ‘Browse Server’, upload the file and ‘insert’. In the link properties screen you may like to click ‘Target’ and change so that the document opens in a new window. This will allow the user to click the link in the course and the document will open for them
  2. Upload a document into the Documents module and link to it from a course. You may want your document accessible from outside the course for other learners or just for future reference. Simply upload the document in the admin portal, login as a learner and browse to the document and copy the URL in the top of the browser. Once you have the URL, simply paste this into the link properties page and there you have it. Now this will be a link that opens up the document page in InductNow portal directly from the course the learner is doing.

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