Setup Manager Views

Do you want to give managers access to look at staff training progress and reports without giving them access to the backend administration area?

​Firstly, setup a new user account for the manager. You can use the same email address as their normal learner account but they will need a unique username (e.g. user john might have a second account called johnmanager). Make sure you choose ‘Manager’ in the user type field. Select the groups of learners that you want this manager to see and report on in the manager view

New Manager

Next, find the learner account that you want to link the manager to (e.g. john). Click edit and take note of their user ID number.

Lastly, you will need to edit the manager user (e.g. johnmanager) and enter the user ID from the previous step

Related Learner

When you login as the manager account (e.g. johnmanager) on the portal now, you will see all the employees in the groups you allocated. You will also see a bar across the screen that says “switch to learner view’. If you click this, you will see the normal learner view for that particular manager where they can complete courses, event registration etc as normal.

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