Did you know that you can have multiple certificates rather than one default layout for each course?

In the settings of each course you can choose whether to allocate a certificate or not. The dropdown in this settings area will contain all certificates you have created and customised in your portal.

In the administration area of your portal you will find the ‘Certificates’ option. You can see all the certificates you have created in this list and can choose to add a new one with the button at the top of the screen.



Firstly, you will need to design a background image so that your certificate has a professional look. Most commonly this means having an image with a header and/or footer with your logo and branding with a section of white space between where Powerhouse will print the certificate details. The image dimensions required are shown in the screen displayed above.

Next, you need to understand how to position and display text on your certificate that will dynamically be printed when a learner completes a course. This is all added in the ‘Content’ section shown above. Each line in this content section is a line of text to be shown on your certificate. Each section of this line (separated with a ‘pipe’ symbol i.e. |) will change how it is displayed.

Here’s an example:

Center|Arial|16|#a1a1a1|N|110|This is to certify that

Center – This makes this line centred on the page. Options are: Left, Right, Center

Arial – This determines the font displayed. Options are: Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Symbol, Times

16 – This is the size of the font

#a1a1a1 – This is the colour of the font using HEX codes. You can find the HEX code you are looking for here:

N – Normal or Bold font. Options are: N or B

110 – This number determines how far down the page the line of text appears. If we wanted to move this line down a bit, we’d try changing this number to 115


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